Omakase - $110

Omakase Fox.jpg
Omakase Fox.jpg

Omakase - $110


Price includes $110 for food plus $11.18 tax. (Gratuity is not included.)

As a preschool teacher I once knew said, "You get what you get and you don't get upset."

Place your faith and palates in our hands and join us on Sundays for omakase.  It will be 10-12 courses of delicious. (You'll have to trust us on that.)

Beverages are separate and ala carte and to be paid for the night of your dinner.

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Omakase - noun

  1. a meal in which the dishes are chosen by the chef

  2. (lit.) respectfully leaving another to decide what is best.


Please note the menu won't be decided until a few days before, therefore we can't provide information on what we will be serving.