Small Share
Koji bread and butter   9     add pickles   +6
Oysters with apple and kombu oil   4.5 each
Seared scallops with soy aioli and tempura    24
House pickle plate    12
Grilled chicken hearts with sorghum teriyaki, allium furikake and lime    5
Steamed Gyoza with scallops, cabbage, mushroom, charred scallions, turnips and duck yuzu broth    10
Tamago kake with mushroom rice, egg yolk fudge, crispy chicken skin, black truffle and lemon    16
Chawanmushi with marinated clams, smoked trout roe, housemade bacon and yuzu    13
Brassicas with pistachio miso dressing and bonito cured egg yolk    13
Hamachi with sesame leaf, Asian pear, ponzu, oxalis    8
Takoyaki with octopus, kumquat marmalade, kewpie mayo, katsobushi    8
Big Share
Okonomiyaki-savory pancake with pickled ginger and katsuobushi    16
Tonkotsu ramen, egg, pork belly, house chili sauce, green onion    18
Grilled octopus ramen with charred miso broth, shoyu tomago, black garlic chili paste, leek ash noodle    18
House made ramp ramen noodles with shio  mushroom broth and crudite    19
Sukiyaki for two with sweet potato, seaweeds, beef, and tofu    27
Fried rice for two with housemade kimchi spam, kimchi, pineapple and fried egg   22
Duck donburi for two with greens, hijiki and pickled hedgehog mushrooms    35
Bread Pudding with matcha ice cream and umeboshi sauce    9
Yuzu Pie with graham cracker, pistachio and goat milk ice cream    10
Whisky glazed donut     4
Apple-shiso sorbet with brown butter oats    5


Selection of beer, wine, sake, spirits, and non-alcoholic drinks

*please note menu is subject to change based on season and availability.  

**Our menus and prices reflect responsibly sourced and grown ingredients.  We construct these elements to create a sustainable work environment for the employees, farmers, gatherers and growers we strive to support.  Our menus are thoughtfully prepared to use ingredients in their entirety.  We recycle, compost, and design dishes based on reducing our environmental impact.

Sunday Brunch Menu

Small Share
Koji bread and butter    9    add pickles  +6
Yogurt and granola with miso caramel    8
Onsen egg with red kuri squash in dashi    10
Oysters with apple, kombu oil and smoked trout roe   2 each
Szechuan chili wings with  sesame furi kake   1 each
Chawanmushi with smoked trout roe, housemade bacon and yuzu    12
Sesame biscuit with shio koji buttermilk fried chicken, pickled ramp ranch and zuke    7
Raspberry jelly donut with 5 spice cured foie gras    16

Big Share
Okonomiyaki with fried egg    17
Taiyaki pancakes with hot fried chicken thighs    10
Grilled octopus ramen with charred miso broth, shoyu tomago, black garlic chili paste, leek ash noodle    16
Tonkotsu ramen with pork belly, chili paste and egg    14
Shio mushroom ramen with house made ramp noodles and crudité    19
Breakfast sausage fried rice for two with fried egg    18

Whiskey glazed doughnut    3
Apple-shiso sorbet    6

So many, but most importantly 8 dollar bottomless mimosas and bloody marys.