Small Share
Koji bread and butter   9     
add pickles   +6
Steamed gyoza filled with scallop, cabbage, and mushroom with charred scallion, turnip, and yuzu broth    14
Beef tartare with shoyu egg yolk, kimchi furikake, Asian pear, green garlic kewpie and koji sourdough    18
Hamachi crudo with strawberries, matcha cucumber, sansho-flax togarashi and basil   18
Clams with “porkobushi”, pickled seaweed, beech mushrooms and mushroom dashi    15
Little gem with kewpie-ramp ranch, white asparagus, nori, brioche and cured yolk    13
Big Share
Okonomiyaki-savory pancake with pickled ginger and katsuobushi    17
Octopus ramen with charred miso broth, shoyu tomago, black garlic chili paste, leek ash noodle    19
add kaedama    +6
House made ramp ramen noodles with shio  mushroom broth and crudite    20
add kaedama    +6
Sukiyaki for two with sweet potato, seaweeds, beef, and tofu    28
Crab fried rice for two with asparagus, pea shoots, and preserved Meyer lemon   32
add fried egg    +1.5
Mackerel donabe, hijiki, king trumpets, misozuke daikon, spring greens, lemon white soy vinaigrette    28
Warm barley salad, hoshigaki, miso roasted eggplant, walnuts, soy beans, pickled fresno, goat cheese    16/20
Bread Pudding with matcha ice cream and umeboshi sauce    9
Yuzu Pie with graham cracker, pistachio and goat milk ice cream    10
Whisky glazed donut     4
Apple-shiso sorbet with brown butter oats    5
Hojicha Ice Cream Sandwich with black sesame cookie and sesame leaf fermented honey    8