small share

Oysters with rice wine mignonette and flowers 3.5 each

Fried smelts with dashi powder, kewpie, and meyer lemon $15

House pickle plate $9

Wild rice and koji porridge bread, cultured butter $8

Add pickles $13

Gomae with katsobushi and fresh ginger $10

Shaved dry aged ribeye with "fudge" egg yolk and aminos $16

Chawanmushi with crab and radish  $12

Seared scallops with soy hollandaise $19

Uni with yuzu $12

Big Share

Okonomiyaki with pickled ginger and katsobushi $16

Miso honey chicken with spring vegetables $26

Tonkotsu ramen, egg, pork belly, house chili sauce, green onion $17

Yuzu ramen with lake trout cake $18

Nettle house ramen with shio mushroom $18 

Vegetable donabe "hot pot" with Midwestern Tofu $24

Sashimi with Carolina gold rice and house miso broth $23


Sweet potato, yogurt, and Satsuma granita $7

  Japanese whiskey glazed doughnut $3.5

Seasonal sorbet $3


Selection of beer, wine, sake, spirits, and non-alcoholic drinks

*please note menu is subject to change based on season and availability.  

**Our menus and prices reflect responsibly sourced and grown ingredients.  We construct these elements to create a sustainable work environment for the employees, farmers, gatherers and growers we strive to support.  Our menus are thoughtfully prepared to use ingredients in their entirety.  We recycle, compost, and design dishes based on reducing our environmental impact.