snacks: oysters with yuzu and brown butter $3 each; pork and black rice stuffed savoy cabbage kimchi with chili butter broth $8; chicken dumplings with black sauce $6; chinese greens with housemade oyster sauce and pickled garlic $5; charcuterie with rice crackers $10

ramen: shio-fish broth with broiled collar, scallion, pickled onion, charred onion oil, smoked fish sauce and lemon tare, nori, pickled ginger $10

tonkotsu-pork broth with smoked pork fat, bacon and sweet onion tare, chive, bean sprouts, sesame seeds, pork belly, charred leek, pickled garlic $10

shoyu-roast chicken breast and braised leg, crispy chicken skin, garlic seasoned chicken fat, pickled seaweeds, charred lettuces, fermented cabbages $10

washoku menu-seasonal tasting menu, family style 45/person with beer or sake pairings $65

sides: kimchi $3; egg $2; siracha pop $1; pickles $4; koji sourdough and miso butter $3

sweets: whiskey glazed doughnut $2.5; daily ice cream with jasmine $4

12 tapped beers, sakes, and spirits available.