Kitsune's namesake is the red fox of Hokkaido.  The mythological spirit fox has magical powers and is a shapeshifter who morphs into beautiful women, young girls, and elderly men.

Kitsune Restaurant and Pub focuses on Midwestern bounty, influenced by home-style Japanese cuisine.  The menus change with the seasons and are intentionally focused on the purity of ingredients of our local farmers.  

We are not a Japanese restaurant aiming for the label of authentic, traditional, or modern "fusion."  We simply incorporate fundamental techniques, flavor profiles, Japanese culinary philosophies, and comfort into our menus.  We are not to be over-thought, yet our goal is to make you think.  

The basis of our mission begins with sustainable cuisine, dedicated to earth consciousness, and expands from there.  We use nearly all of our ingredients in their entirety from root to leaf and head to tail.  Come in.  Relax. Eat. Drink.  Indulge.