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Kitsune Restaurant and Pub is opening in winter 2017. Stay tuned for more information.


Photos coming soon.


Kitsune's namesake is for the red fox of Hokkaido.  The mythological spirit fox has magical powers and is a shapeshifter morphing into beautiful women, young girls, and elderly men.

Kitsune Restaurant and Pub focuses on our Midwestern bounty, influenced by home-style Japanese cuisine.  The menus will change with the seasons and intentionally focus on the purity of ingredients from our local farmers and gardens.  Our basis of our mission starts with sustainable cuisine, dedicated to earth consciousness.  We use nearly all of our ingredients from the root to leaf and head to tail.  Come in.  Relax. Eat. Drink.  Indulge.

Kitsune will open in winter 2017.


Press coming soon.




Kitsune is located at: 

4229 N Lincoln Ave

Chicago IL 60618

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